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Горничная в Пльзене

ищу работу в Пльзене, Рокицани, 75 крон, полная занятость
Середюк Ярина 28 лет, Луцк, Украина, высшее образование
+380 (67) 943-XX-XX

Опыт работы

Owner assistant
3 мес Июн 2014 - Сен 2014
hotel “Korona”, Chalupy, Poland
3 мес Июн 2014 - Сен 2014
“Korona” – it is a small hotel for 55 persons near the Baltic Sea.
Me and another girl were the only staff of the hotel. When the owner was absent I provided the accommodations for guests by myself. But my main daily duties were cleaning rooms and outside area, helping to prepare meals for guests, making lists of products. At the end of season we made the big general cleaning of the entire hotel. I even painted walls in some rooms.
3 мес Июн 2011 - Сен 2011
Camp "Shoshanim", USA, Pennsylvania, Lakewood
3 мес Июн 2011 - Сен 2011
My contract position was Housekeeper but I also executed duties of cook assistant and waitress.
June - I worked as the waitress. At first there were only two of us for serving 90 people. We also had to wash dishes and to clean the dining room. And we had to do it fast to be ready for serving lunch and dinner.
July - Being housekeeper I was cleaning 22 rooms per day, vacuuming lobby and corridors, cleaning windows, doing laundry, ironing etc. I also taught another girl to execute housekeeper duties.
August - As the cook assistant I was helping to prepare different dishes, maintaining order in fridges, cleaning kitchenware and equipment, making lists of products we needed to buy.

Высшее образование

Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University, Луцк
International relations
5 лет 5 мес Сен 2009 - Фев 2015

Знание языков

Английский - продвинутый, Русский - свободно, Польский - средний, Украинский - свободно

Дополнительная информация

- strong responsibility
- willingness to work in a team
- ability to learn quickly
- persistence
- sociability and strong empathy
- no bad habits

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